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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Intake Form work with Wealthdocx ?

Input through the Nimbus form is mapped to WealthDocx fields for easy import into both Hotdocs and online formats. Attorney is also provided a printable document with all responses.

How are my documents and client data stored ?

Documents are stored within SharePoint Online. Other client data is stored encrypted within the Nimbus secure database.

How do I invite a new client ?

Clients are invited to your online intake with a secure, personalized link to immediately begin entering information into the form. The Nimbus workflow automates client communication, or a law firm can manually send emails to clients.

How does Nimbus integrate with Office365 ?

Attorneys who use Office365 have enhanced capabilities with Nimbus, including Outlook add-in for easy saving of emails and documents from within emails, storage of documents, contact synchronization, and calendar scheduling.

What percentage of clients prefer digital intake ?

Over the past 3 years, Nimbus processed over 100,000 digital intakes. Attorneys find clients receptive to using the system, and in cases where someone in unable to do so, the law firm can enter it on behalf of client to leverage other aspects of the Nimbus system.

What is the difference between packages ?

The starter packages offer core functionality most law firms use with every client. The practice management suite features a wide range of capabilities beyond client intakes, including automated workflow, marketing, invoicing, trust accounting, and enhanced reporting.
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"NimbusLaw’s client and case management system works seamlessly with my legal document drafting system. NimbusLaw’s technical and customer support team is extremely accessible and responsive to my needs."

Jennie Bretschneider
Managing Attorney, Davis Wills & Trusts